Thursday, February 9, 2012

Success story of company ‘Path’ with facebook apps

Path app secretly invites your address book up

Facebook developers have a tangy, data leak in the app path for IOS devices (iPhone, iPad, iPod touch) uncovered. The full address including name, email address and telephone number of the contacts is shoveled through the Path app on the server of the social network, without requiring users to exert an influence can be set or even informed about it. The problem is not only the iOS app, also from the corresponding Android counterpart, the data is transferred.

Path is an exercise in damage limitation

The Ruby and iOS developer had originally planned to create one for Path. He discovered that his whole address was drawn to the path server. For a social network that provides an alternative to Instagram and sometimes even understand Facebook apps and Google prides itself as having a "Do not Be Evil" policy, this revelation a significant loss of confidence dar. The approximately 2 million users, with the App can reach a relatively select group of up to 150 friends and Path should be understood as a very private network, may be disappointed by Path - especially those who wanted to escape through the use of facebook apps for blackberry of the supposed Datenkrake Facebook.
Path-Chef Dave Morin moved into position on the behavior of the apps already. He stressed that the downloaded data is used only to users to help you to network with their colleagues. When someone logs in Path, receives a notification of the contact. In his view, this way of finding the link with friends and very relevant to this industry. But he could understand that the user wants to decide for them whether or not he is sharing his data. Therefore, the features available in the Android Market app path through an opt-in for a new IOS version were on the way.

Path is not alone

Path tries so now, to provide for the breakdown of a lack of transparency. Here, the service with his conduct is not alone. Other services attract the same user data without permission of smartphones, only those services from variety facebook apps of reasons fall through the cracks. The real problem lies not only in services, receive access to this information, but sometimes at Apple. In the guidelines for developing apps in black and white that it is not allowed to draw personal information without prior consent of the user from the IOS device. That path as well, for example, the hipster, this app is still able, apparently due to something on Apple's lax approval process. There is also the question of why Apple access to personal information in iPhone apps, such as the address does not secure by default, so they can be released only after authorization by the user. Even with Google's Android is likely, such an attitude can be readily implemented.
Brad McCarty raises an interesting aspect of facebook apps for iPhone into this topic. In his opinion, this laissez-faire policy on privacy and data protection are attributed. The majority of users have become accustomed to being handled the personal data very liberally. Whether you like this must be available, however, another matter.
Path CEO Dave Morin has published an opinion on the matter address book. In this he apologizes sincerely for all path users, and admits the mistake. Due to the lively feedback we've realized that the way is how to deal with the user data that was incorrect, he also stressed iPhone applications that the data collected was not disclosed to third parties, and were used only for purposes of better networking between users.
The statement also writes that the complete set of collected user data were deleted from the server path. For users of IOS devices in the facebook apps to download a new version is ready for the App Path with which the data cannot be read automatically.

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