Thursday, February 2, 2012

Image reputation with facebook apps

Already quite popular some time ago, the last pages of the new edition now more like profiles, the tabs have become a must own for anyone who wants to be present facebook apps in a much stronger on the social network. This was quite sufficient to remorse got to experience this new method that allows, through the creation of a Facebook application, and without knowing much of the proprietary tools of social networking tab to have highly personalized facebook applications for communications with endless possibilities. It certainly made new remarks for trying too hard and not making such expectations on the other hand developing such behavior to cope with unnecessary following of some clients trying to valuate.
In this tutorial I will explain how to create and customize the facebook apps, attach it to a web page and how to publish it and put it as a slide show of your page. The first step is to go to the section at the validation of instant channelization, and then go to the other section of driven calamity. As can be seen from the official blog, from a few comments made by them it has pages of facebook applications will be deleted even if not actually. This resulted, after the release of this article, that most developers did not find the link to the page which was involving several changes of termination to be able to then add as a tab. For the time being it is considered good for those who are dealing with facebook app such changes in the community.
The fix is to start a manual process, or point your browser to the page where replaced with the ID of the application. You can look for it in the creation screen, near the icon. Several of days have gone by treating the same problem while creating new apps, created for the old, is still okay with link to facebook developers. They were suppose it can be a problem with it and the changes they are making, perhaps, the applications are pending and we have to wait a little bit before they make it possible to open them. Meanwhile, I search on this thing. If you are subscribed to comments and receive email updates you can be sure that I write to inform you. Tomorrow morning facebook apps I try to make this new app and then write if the process is still valid: a shame that they have changed now that it seemed simple.

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