Monday, March 12, 2012

Facebook applications development to kill boredom

Above all, they put it on Facebook today, 85 percent of respondents named as the preferred platform social media application. But Twitter, LinkedIn and YouTube use, according to survey more than half of the publishers. Their main goals are customer create Facebook applications and increasing brand and product awareness. Because, also, it is clear from the survey, the majority of publishers expect that the importance of social media and their customers is large and will continue to grow. With the results of their activities Facebook developers in this area also show up already about 50 percent of surveyed publishers happy. Market research and recruitment of the social media channels as strategic goals, however currently less relevant for publishers.

For the social media activities in general, the editors or marketing departments are responsible. Independent social media departments play a minor role. Not so surprised that the majority of publishers have defined no budget for their social media activities. A social networking applications developers strategy can boast at present only about a third of respondents. Similarly, guidelines for dealing with the social media in most of the publishers first developed yet, only 34 percent have yet to present a Social Media Policy. Nearly 38 percent of respondents conduct regular controlling of their social media activities.

The Commission's survey was conducted in Digital Media with 15 questions; the Commission has identified Facebook applications development the expectations of the online agents for use and development of social communication channels. In total, 63 experts participated from German publishing houses. In the survey tends to be confirmed trend towards multimedia Facebook app developers content should also consider the investor relations departments in their work. Particularly if they have previously worked with IR rare foreign agencies and graphic designers. Why should only marketing and corporate communications rely on this support?

Although the content and thus figures balance sheets is central, the financial community is certainly not unaffected by the form. Just as journalists to report more frequently, if picture and video material is available then, so users on Facebook applications development and Google + posts frequently with appealing graphics. IR departments, which are seen not only as a "supplier number" may benefit from this study as an incentive, as they can reach new audiences on the social web.


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