Monday, February 6, 2012

Review of create facebook apps

There is a very simple reason that on this blog were never too many alternate Reviews: I love reviewing only what I can see first, and considers particularly exciting for my readers. This is the case of "Developing Applications for Facebook," book published by Pro Digital Lifestyle and written by Roberto Marble, Daniel and Angelo Ghidoli Iacubino?
I believe so, and in the next lines I will explain you why. We start from the beginning: the volume in question does not pretend to teach the world how to use the social Zuckerberg, or to resume the usual basic introduction by addressing the most common themes. The authors start instead from a level that can be described as intermediate and far more restricted, such as logical move to explore the most popular applications on Facebook and developed to put the reader in a position to design, develop and begin promoting their own.
The aim of all this, finally obtain visibility on the network through the same tools that the network makes available to those who want to devolve in facebook development into its complex mechanical. What I particularly enjoyed this book, besides that it was written (also) by a person whom I respect in the network, is the approach that supports the entire journey: to condition the reader not only understand the "how" to develop a specific app on Facebook, but also "why and" when "it. Not at all before putting his hand to a single line of code, the authors take us by the hand of some of the most famous case studies to resume following the logic.
The book is a sort of operating manual: good amount of code, modules, you can chew without having to do a sequential read, tons of color photographs in facebook applications (where sometimes you feel deja-vu of having that observed in real time between chapters narrated activities), the final closure that looks good in a broader way to bring visibility to your project.

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