Monday, February 20, 2012

Facebook helping in business development

In order to customize Facebook fan pages, or expand their capabilities to offer other services rendered by them. Here you can select not only from a variety of applications, but also suppliers. We would like to introduce you to some of these applications, their advantages and disadvantages as well as useful application areas in more detail and allow Facebook applications you to share our experiences. For this reason, we dedicate this multifaceted issue its own ongoing series in Projector blog.
First, we would like to give a rough overview of the conditions implied to them at all cost and opportunities are there at all. In continuous series, we will dedicate ourselves to each of a specific facebook apps and our experience in the practice test. Order in the confusing welter of Facebook applications, not to lose focus, it is first useful to give a rough overview of the types of applications exist at all.
You want to add your page its own tab with a specific function or information? Whether Imprint, welcoming staff and newsletters - for this purpose there are a number of facebook fan page for business development that allow you to create a new tab throughout the series you can look forward to opinions about the applications and Woo box North Social.
It’s not only increase the interaction on one side, but your fans also offer the opportunity to take part. However, you should note the industrial changes and guidelines. Contests might. No sanitary transactions were being made to indemnify circumference or uploading photos include a requirement unless they are held in separate applications. A summary of the create facebook application which has been later generalized guidelines here.
We have inter alia already gained some experience with North side of the company, King Biscuit and the photo contest of what is being done. Whether it is present in the recent era or not to such special occasions, it is useful also for special events and facebook applications to offer their own fans. We would like to share our experiences in this category with some apps Advent.

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