Monday, February 6, 2012

iPhone application development a tiring process

Trying to put its house in order, Apple has done a little 'cleaning in its Store, eliminating the blatant copying of games. Many iPhone application developers complained about the attitude of Apple, which, despite the control, allowing the entry of applications in the Clone Store, which is bad for everyone involved, unless, of course, the "wise guy" who has decided to run the game copied. To get an idea of size, one of them, Jump Temple, was among the best sellers, because people thought it was a continuation or a new set of the original iPhone game. Other titles like Tiny Birds false, Numbers with Friends and Angry Ninja Birds were removed in an attempt to bring balance in the Store.
However, it is almost certain that some copies are still available, since it is very difficult to control them all. For this reason, some think that Apple could implement a button to report false applications. If the iPhone applications developer has received several warnings, a warning could be given, giving him time to clarify the violations, and then corrected. If nothing is done, the application may be removed. Last week we talked about another case of plagiarism, including the Globe and Pop Cap Games, the release of very similar games. Often iPhone app developers are the same, or the notes indicate that the game is just a pale reproduction of the original, great way to burn your name. We'll see how Apple will behave in the coming weeks and new cases of clones or Fake Games and iPhone Apps.
Many users continue to penalize the Italian App rated low because of the good old habit of not reading the descriptions below and this can now be cataloged. Confident hope that this new market is the dawn of the many tools and resources for iPhone application developers in order to allow them to better serve its community of users. As demonstrated by this recent news Market is everything is constantly changing. It’s one more reason to follow a regular BLOG KIUI that loads of topics on the latest applications for iPhone as well as the more usual App for iPhone and iPad and news on worldwide mobile. The seriousness of the work is guaranteed by the fact that the staff of Kiui deals with developing applications for Android, iPhone and iPad.

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