Thursday, January 19, 2012

Downfall of facebook apps in near future

The presentation of the history (timeline) and thus it must be kept in mind that each and every one of them not only have great influence on the use of Facebook, but also for companies to operate the Facebook application developers. Rather, companies need to work intensively with the changes and new ways to firstly not to lose the connection to competitors and secondly to achieve the best possible results on Facebook. If the known Facebook apps and games driven by them. Whether it is possible or not? As most of the vendors are not aware of the fact that they will suffer from it. With the introduction of other applications open graph is this issue again and get fresh air arouse the attention of facebook development marketing executives again. So far, only applications from music and messages in the conversation, but this will change very quickly.
In comparison to the "regular" Facebook apps, you get as a brand in this way, of course; similarly they will try to act according to my surprise. About the app you pull for example, new customers to its website, its brand distributed in the Friends of the app user. Until now, research was made to enterprises facebook development was able to plug and Social shopping applications make customers aware of products. If you join now its online store with facebook application developers, on the one hand, the personalized recommendations improved steadily and see friends on the other side clearly interested in what products to their Facebook app developer and family members. A message in the ticker and in the Chronicle could be structured.
User cannot be used to attach a file from what is being done to them. It has purchased A at B brand. These services by facebook applications developer would also appear prominently in the chronicle of the user and not as a "Like" Click below to go in the newsfeed. The e-commerce will certainly be happy about this development. As my colleagues have described Facebook apps entire okay, they were used in multi tasking offer for it, specifically targeting the great potential. Users to the music of one artist determined to have heard Simplify can be specifically made aware of concert dates, merchandise or products. If you are looking at facebook fan page, the user when the first attached files were being utilized by them to be addressed.

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