Thursday, January 26, 2012

Cobble Facebook App resources

Anyone who works as a web developer using the API or with facebook apps, it might know. Suddenly there is not much as before. Functions are no longer where they once were, or they will be shut down entirely. You have Facebook but a wreath to bind, respectively, this is announced, respectively, documented in the Developer Blog. Such a change is also the Facebook Applications Profile Pages fallen victim to. Because before that apps could be added with an ease to fan sites. With the new route described in the Developer blog but you have to cobble together every time a link. This path is described in my view, somewhat complicated, although it would be relatively simple - if you have understood it then once.
After the introduction of the timeline of Facebook is now the developers are busy tinkering with the timeline of the desktop version a bit. And a small update for the facebook app cost secretly received a small update. Therefore been secretly because they do not have the Android Market, but the app itself is recorded. Previously you could select the button above right, what you will see from the timeline. These are status messages, photos or videos. The button is still in the same place, but the menu has it adapted to the desktop version of facebook application developers. If you hold the top right of the button, you can only select whether you want to see the latest or the highlighted messages. So far that's been the only change. If followed by further, you can be excited.
We now have a forum with Facebook ordered coupling expansion. We had to wait some time, since the app was not available in every country and we had to transform our international license in the license pool. But now we could order the app. Thus it is possible similar to mobile systems such as write directly to Facebook apps the forum post, read, and whatever. It will then shortly launch a separate app on Facebook, which will then be announced. The approach of them is here to go toward future-wise coupling of the systems is very definitely and up to date with any other board software. Since the facebook application runs very well, we do not even first on the introduction of a separate app for the platform and would rather invest in the direction of Facebook.

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