Thursday, December 22, 2011

How to create a facebook application using PHP ?

The so-called API (Application Programming Interface) is a set of procedures that a complex system, both hardware and software, made available, allowing a developer to communicate with facebook apps it via an interface that enhances the implementation details of the system. This way of working, in fact it is nothing new (think of the Linux system call, or the Windows API), but in recent years greatly increased dissemination. With the facebook applications advent of Web 2.0, in fact, the giants of the network - such as Google and Yahoo - and the new realities of the social web - like Facebook and Twitter - are made available to developers set of APIs to access their leave resources outside their platform.
WEB implement these platforms set of APIs that are based on the paradigm REST (Representational State Transfer) using the HTTP protocol for access to resources. In this article we will use the APIs provided by Facebook to create applications that interact with the features that the popular social networking to create. This does not facebook developers necessarily mean that the knowledge of the API will be used as a library in php issued directly from Facebook, which allows us to work on the platform using simple PHP objects. In practice it is often described classes in the library, able to use the REST API and managing specific interaction problems for us all!
All we need is a normal log on to Facebook applications and its own web space that supports PHP 5. Available to libraries for other programming languages, I refer you to page with Facebook Platform Client Libraries. The Facebook Platform was introduced in 2006, allowing the facebook developers to interact with the system in order to create useful applications for users of the community to the more interactive the same platform. The first applications were directly by the development of Facebook (eg events, birthdays, photo album, etc..) And are automatically integrated into each account.

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