Friday, November 25, 2011

How to remove Facebook Applications

Facebook is such a good platform which not only provides people to use many applications that allows people to do something constructive in their spare time but, also to have a good time on the internet connecting with people of all ages. These facebook applications can be used for multiple purposes that include businesses in promoting their companies and offerings on this popular social media platform along with games regular users can play during for a bit of fun.

Sadly, many of these game applications are not that useful for some people or you may say that it is plain disturbing for business owners wanting to make a good reputation on their Facebook fan pages. Well the general problem which sometimes gets irritating is a Facebook friend will include his or her entire list of friends in the games they play, resulting in the facebook applications being added to your profile home page.

The best thing in my opinion is that you can actually move this news is that case and their administrators of facebook applications have the capacity to delete posts that they don’t want to pop out by certain game applications. And it only takes a few minutes to do it.

Step One

first of all you have to sort out which applications you are planning to remove from your wall. Move your mouse to the right and hover. On the right most part of that post, a small grey X will appear.

Step Two

now the second thing you need to do is to click on the X and it will then give you two options – simply remove the post or remove the post and also to block this application that you don’t want to appear.

If you choose to remove the post then it means that after deleting that particular post from your wall you won’t be able to visit that page again. However, it is possible that it can still appear on your profile or business page in the future. If you want this facebook applications to completely erase it and never ever want it back then block this app.

Once you have made your mind that you don’t want to see this application ever again then it will ask for a confirmation box. Just confirm it that you don’t want it back again and you are done with removing this app.

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